Welcome. This is an
old webpage about
nothing in particular.
But every now and then
I test out stuff here.
I'm not a guru. I just
absorb what is useful,
adapt it to my situation,
and discard the rest. Oh yeah...and f$ck all you haters. :)


the USA the USA

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About this Jeeper:
What's up. My name is Greg. I am an independent computer game programmer and owner of GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.
I like jeeps. Mine: 2002 Jeep LandRunner, 33inch BFG's, Dana 44.
What I'm currently doing:
1)-Currently getting rid of some spyware/viruses from a customers PC.
2)-Making a PC game.
3)-Teaching my daughter how to count.
4)-Other stuff...about to launch.

StarSpangled Solitaire--Full Version for free

My Jeep experiences/facts:
1)-(Xmas Eve 2003)-I once drove from North Carolina all the way to
Pennsylvania(Damascus-my lady's family) on Christmas Eve thru the snow.
2)-(1994)-Around this time I drove a 78 Audi Fox(with a rebuilt VW Golf Engine).
I was leaving the mall once and got rammed by a guy in a Jeep.
3)-(1986)-My best friend at the time had a CJ, we used to cruise and get chics.